Block Paving Installers in Cambridge

Block paving installers in Cambridge – Are you searching for trusted block paving installers in Cambridge or surrounding areas? As well as quality resin surfaces we also install block paved surfaces which also offer fantastic long lasting value. Not restricted to just Cambridge we have completed many driveways in Ely, Newmarket, St. Neots and surrounding areas. Cambridge resin and stone is a family run business with huge ambition, aiming to be the number one choice of block paving installers in Cambridge. Below we have briefly explained the benefits to block paving and its longevity, you are most welcome to call us for questions or support you may need.

Block Paving Installers in Cambridge and surrounding areas Completely Free Quotations

Without question block paving is one of the most common and robust surfaces on the market. Block paving is a real customer favourite due to its huge versatility. There really is something for everyone, with a huge range of installation patterns and coloured blocks. Block paving is also one of the most attractive surfaces with blocks made from various materials but most commonly concrete and clay. The paving blocks are sized to a particular shape, most commonly rectangular and square. On installation the paving blocks they can be laid in very simple lines or intricate patterns depending on your individual taste and even your own designs. As mentioned the block work can be configured in some very ornate designs and can often be seen paired with tarmac, resin and gravel driveways and footpaths. This driveway surface choice offers a high strength, long lifespan and low maintenance. Block paved surfaces can withstand substantial traffic by both vehicles and pedestrians. The blocks can be easily replaced without needing to restore the whole driveway, making the repair and maintenance a relatively simple task. From a maintenance point of view we offer a full pressure cleaning, re sand and sealing service. There is no set time when to do this and its often personal choice just to have it freshened up and get it looking like new again.
block paving installers in Cambridge

How is block paving installed

As reputable block paving installers in Cambridge we would like to explain in a little more detail how your quality block paving install is created. Block paving starts off with careful site preparation and excavation where required, after careful inspection excavation will start. This is largely based on the current condition of the land and if there is already an existing driveway in place. It is worth mentioning that if you have soft land or soft spots a quality sub base may be required to provide a more stable and lasting foundation. The site will then need to be accurately edged out so you have a set space to excavate. The land is then compacted with an industrial compactor and then a layer of sharp sand is laid on top of it. This is then carefully raked and checked for level with string lines or a laser level to ensure it is level. At this point our skilled fitters can then lay your choice of blocks in a pattern of your choice. Once the installing of the blocks is completed kiln dried sand is brushed into the joints, and compacted using a vibrating plate. This process helps to strengthen the interlocking and also ensures the blocks are laid solid and level. The process if required is carried out a second time to ensure absolutely no joints are left unfilled. A good job well done! Still searching for block paving installers please call us on 01223855651 – 07392 502355.
Block Paving Installers in Cambridge

Block Paving Installers in Cambridge

Block Paving Contractors in Cambridge

As your local block paving installers in Cambridge we are always happy to share as much information as possible to help you choose the right surface finish for your budget. Block paved surfaces are probably the most durable and robust option however they are one of the more expensive to install. Block paving is very durable and can be expected to last for at least 20 years reliably with very little maintenance. Able to withstand large pressure and traffic, block paving installations can be commonly seen on high streets, docks and airports. Additionally, it is largely unaffected by salts, frosts, oils and most chemicals, making it a popular choice on heavy industrial sites.

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Cambridge resin and stone are highly reputable Block paving installers in Cambridge. If you are interested in a free quotation we install all over the Cambridge area. Most commonly our work can be seen Cambridge, Newmarket, Ely, Stansted and St. Neots. Our customers find us polite, prompt and professional with our aim to exceed your expectations. Cambridge resin and stone offer a free no-obligation quote to replace your driveway, patio and footpaths and we aim to be the very best block paving installers in Cambridge. Please request an estimate and we will contact you to arrange a visit and provide you with an incredibly competitive price. Please use the link provided to proceed to our contact page.

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