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Tar and Chip Newmarket – Are you searching for a trusted tar and chip installer in Newmarket? As well as quality resin and artificial grass surfaces we are also reputable contractors for tar and chip surfaces which often offer incredible value. Not just in Newmarket we have completed works in Cambridge, Ely, St. Neots, Royston and surrounding areas. A family run business with huge ambition we aim to be the number one choice of installer for tar and chip Newmarket.
Tar and Chip Newmarket – In case you are not familiar with the process of tar and chip we will briefly explain how this popular surface is constructed. As your chosen installer for tar and chip Newmarket, we will first apply a layer of hot mix liquid asphalt to a concrete or suitable gravel base. There are a superb range of aggregates available and can even be laid over an existing tired or cracked driveway. Providing the existing driveway is in good enough condition this surface finish can be laid immediately on top. Where this is often the case your new surface will offer fantastic value for money and offer serious kerb appeal. Phase two consists of one or two layers of crushed aggregates of your choosing is then generously spread on top of the hot tar (asphalt) and compacted down. On completion the result is a stunning surface which can be customized to your specifications. With a variety of colour finishes and patterns you can really make a space your own. An extensive list of coloured aggregates means you can give your home a modern twist or it can compliment the natural surroundings of a countryside home. On completion it is possible to have a very small percentage of loose stone chips remaining on the surface which over time can find a place and settle with traffic. Below you will see a wonderful example of how tar and chip can be utilised to cover a very large area whilst being durable and maintaining a natural look. To complete a large area in a resin bound finish would be be incredibly expensive in comparison to the great value of tar and chip (surface dressing) Below you can also see a great example of how we can overlay old and tired surfaces with tar and chip transforming the look of the property. By immediately overlaying it saves you extra labour to dig out the base and paying to remove waste material.

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tar and chip Newmarket


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tar and chip cambridge

Tar and chip Installers in Newmarket

As your trusted local installers for tar and chip Newmarket we are always happy to share as much helpful information as possible to ensure you choose the right driveway finish for your functional demands and budget. For full disclosure a resin driveway or footpath will make a more durable option however they are also much more expensive. Especially for large surfaces a resin driveway can quickly exceed a budget which is why tar and chip offers a superb alternative. Long driveways and footpaths are rarely seen in resin and will in fact be tar and chip this purely down to being so cost effective. Below are a few key points that are worth mentioning regarding some positives to a tar and chip driveway or footpath.

  • Low-Maintenance – A tar and chip surface requires little to no maintenance and is in fact very cheap and simple to repair should it show signs of wear. This type of surface finish will also not need to be sealed regularly unlike most block paving systems. It almost has its own self healing properties, often small cracks can become unseen as the tar warms in the hot weather.
  • Traction – The rugged surface of this type of driveway drastically improves traction for both vehicles and foot traffic. It also makes it a very friendly surface in wet and icy conditions. This makes it particularly popular for large footpaths in public grounds. Block paving if not maintained can form algae and become very slippery in wet/icy conditions.
  • Longevity – Surface dressing (tar and chip)to driveways and footpaths typically has a good lifespan of around 7-10 years. This may not be as long as a resin drive or block paving, however considering the cost offers incredible value and with very little maintenance can look fantastic beyond 10 years.

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Tar and Chip Newmarket – If you are interested in a free quotation we install all over the Newmarket and Cambridge areas. Most commonly our work can be seen across Newmarket, Cambridge, Ely, Stansted and St. Neots. Our customers find us polite, prompt and professional with our aim to exceed your expectations. Cambridge resin and stone offer a free no-obligation quote to replace your driveway, patio and footpaths and we aim to be the very best for tar and chip Newmarket installations. Please request an estimate and we will contact you to arrange a visit and provide you with an incredibly competitive price. Please use the link provided to proceed to our contact page.